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    Hotel Lunardi
    Winter and summer tourist spot. Hotel, restaurant, self-service, bar. 6 km of skiing tracks ratified by the FISI. 5 - 10 - 15 km cross-country ski slopes. Touri ...altre info
    Albergo Gorizia
    Gorizia Hotel in Fornaci di Barga, hamlet of the municipality of Barga, medieval town, one of the "100 Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" on the middle valley of ...altre info
    Hotel Da Carlino
    Da Carlino Hotel si trova nel centro storico di Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Rinomato albergo -ristorante, alla cui conduzione si av ...altre info
    Hotel Il Casone
    Il Casone of Profecchia is a pleasant tourist resort both summer and winter. For skiers, Il Casone offers lifts, a golf school, as well as a plant for the s ...altre info
    L' Appennino Da Pacetto
    ...altre info
    Hotel il Lago - Lago di Vagli
    Albergo Il Lago on the shores of Lake Vagli. Ours is a small structure in the municipality of Vagli Sotto.Both the hotel and the restaurant are managed by our f ...altre info
    Hotel Ludovico Ariosto
    The Hotel of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana has 25 rooms and the structure is an old Liberty style villa, completely restored a few steps from the Ariosto Castle and ...altre info

    Restaurants in Garfagnana
    Good Evening
    Restaurant located in downtown Screeners Under. Family environment, has a large and cozy dining room and nice outdoor area with shade cover. Terrace overloo ...altre info
    Ristorante il Lago - Lago di Vagli
    Restaurant The Lake is a good resting spot by the lake of Screening . Family-run , it also has hotel rooms with very clean and comfortable . The food in the ...altre info
    Il Ristoro del Venturo
    Typical restaurant in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, the magic of ancient times in the kitchen! Menù: ANTIPASTO Farro della Garfagnana, Prosciut ...altre info
    La Pergola Ristorante
    ...altre info
    Summer and winter resort. Hotel, restaurant, cafeteria and bar. 6 km of trails for downhill skiing FISI. Rings-country skiing 5 - 10 - 15 km. Rent skis ...altre info
    Da Carlino
    Carlino's Restaurant is located in the center of Castelnuovo. This is the famous restaurant masterfully managed by the family Andreucci, featuring three g ...altre info
    Il Casone
    Casone of Profecchia is a pleasant tourist resort both summer and winter. For skiers, the Casone offers lifts, a golf school, as well as a plant for the sum ...altre info
    Osteria del Pesce - Gastronomia del pesce
    Wide selection of take-away dishes based on fish. You can also order your favorite menu! Open all day from Tuesday to Friday, 09.00 - 22.00. Sunday and holidays ...altre info
    Ristorante Ludovico Ariosto
    The restaurant, that caters for up to 70 seats, is certainly worth visiting. Even though modernly designed, it has maintained local traditions, and features won ...altre info
    La Ceragetta
    Settled on the slopes of the Monte Sumbra in between the most beautiful peaks of the Apuan Alps, the complex of La Ceragetta reflects itself in the dark-green w ...altre info

    Leisure sport
    Lago di Lamastrone
    Lamastrone è un oasi naturale in Garfagnana su un'area di 30.000 mq a 1.200 metri sul livello del mare. Si posono pescare le trote nel laghetto, organizz ...altre info
    Trekking a cavallo
    Lessons in order to begin to ride. Trekking with guide, excursions. For smallest, to disposition the docile ones pony, with present instructor. In collaboration ...altre info
    Parco Avventura Garfagnana
    The Adventure Park is Casone di Garfagnana Profecchia, a new near Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Lies along the panoramic road that leads to Passo delle Radici, in ...altre info
    Mountain Bike Garfagnana
    In the valley where the Mountain Bike 1991 world championship took place, the Mountain Bike Garfagnana Club organizes guided trips, different competitions, ...altre info
    Maneggio - centro ippico - Pensione cavalli
    In the equestrian center we teach the "English riding" and the "American riding". The lessons are held by qualified personnel. Marica De Cesare - IIst level ...altre info

    Garfagnana Lakes
    Lago di Vagli
    The lake of Vagli is because of its water capacity one of the most important artificial basins of Europe and is worldwide known for the abandoned village on its ...altre info
    Lago di Pontecosi
    Situated very close to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana you find the Lake of Pontecosi on which banks is located the splendid little village with the same name. Not on ...altre info

    Typical products sales
    Poli Roberto prodotti tipici - Garfagnana
    ...altre info
    Bonta della Garfagnana
    Bonta Garfagnana offers a selection of excellent products typical of Garfagnana, sells online and ships everywhere delicatessen, cheeses and sausages, mushrooms ...altre info

    Thermal Spas
    Terme di Bagni di Lucca
    The "Centro Termale Bagni di Lucca" consist of 2 hydros Jean Varroud spa and Casa Boccella, specialised in the cure of arthrorheumatic, bronchopneumon ...altre info

    Passo delle Radici
    Moving the Roots, for fans of alpine skiing are available 6 km of tracks while FISI approved for the fund various rings 5, 10 and 15 km, immersed in the woods. ...altre info
    Neve in Garfagnana
    You can admire a beautiful series of photos, taken after an exceptional snowfall and ice conditions is not common ... The Garfagnana is a land of holidays for e ...altre info
    Casone di Profecchia
    “IL CASONE” puts at the disposal of skiers ski-lift systems, a school field, a summer ski-lift for skiing on the grass and three cross-country ski s ...altre info
    Between 1100 and 1250 meters, in a landscape where views over the Apuan Alps to 'Apennines, are in places Ant 2 cross-country with a total length of 700 m ...altre info

    Climatic stations
    After leaving Castelnuovo, driving along the SS 445, we come to a detour for Careggine. This popular summer holiday spot is located in a wonderful panora-mic po ...altre info
    CORFINO is located at the foot of the Pania of the same name at a height of 822 m. s.l.m. in the vicinity of the Orecchiella's park. It enjoys a stupendous pano ...altre info

    Farm holidays - apartments
    La Casa sul Fiume
    The House On The River, farmhouse Garfagnana, is an old stone farmhouse, even the second farm in the area that was equipped for holidays at the dawn of the new ...altre info
    La Torre Agriturismo
    The Tower (La Torre) is a 'typical Tuscan farmhouse which covers 24 hectares in the countryside around Bagni di Lucca, beautiful and famous spa town. A beaut ...altre info
    La Vecchia Fattoria Da Marica
    ...altre info
    L'Argilla Azienda Agricola
    The Argilla farmhouse is near Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and it extends for ten hectares of woods and farmlands with panoramic position. Argilla has 2 independen ...altre info
    The owners could not call it that with that name, in fact hardly can be found all along the peculiarities dell'Agriturismo Paradise! Inside the park of the Apua ...altre info
    Mulin del Rancone
    The farm Mulin, Rancone is an ancient mill on the banks of the river Serchio, that here, is still, just over a stream. The structure has preserved all its charm ...altre info
    La Piastra
    The farmhouse La Piastra is situated only 2 km from Castelnuovo Garfagnana, in the wonderful and green valley of the river Serchio, province of Lucca, in the no ...altre info
    We only outline some of our activities. L 'company is a family and guests will appreciate our authenticity in all its facets. L 'farm is in place pleasant, in t ...altre info
    Pradaccio di Sopra
    The Agritourism "Pradaccio di Sopra" is directly managed by ourselves, the owners, Mariano and Rosy. The love for nature induced us to acquire the previous farm ...altre info
    Il Carlotto
    The farmhouse can accommodate up to 20 people in apartments for 2, 4, 6 beds. The premises have been renovated with great passion and care while respecting ...altre info
    Il Cerreto
    The farm ( Holiday Houses ) Il Cerreto is Caprignana, quiet village in the area around the Park Orecchiella, one of the most beautiful places in Garfagnana, in ...altre info

    Train of the Parks Garfagnana
    Pisa - Lucca - Garfagnana - Lunigina - Massa
    1. (Pisa) airport railway station - Headquarters University, Tenuta San Flushing, Campo dei Miracoli, the Leaning Tower, museums and historical buildings.2. (Lu ...altre info

    Montain shelters
    Orto di Donna
    30 places bed - Opening: june - week end; july - august all days. September, only week end. ...altre info
    Open on reservation for groups. ...altre info
    Val Serenaia
    Shelter of mountain in the Alps Apuane. 20 places bed. Aperto:da Pasqua to half June alone weekend - from half June to end August, weekend, from September to en ...altre info
    La Maestà
    ...altre info
    Alpe della Grotta
    For information: Ristoro Alto Matanna Versante est, Mount Matanna m. 1030 - tel. 0584 776005 . Always open. ...altre info
    Tullio Marchetti
    ...altre info
    Albergo le Alpi Vagli
    The ALPI hotel, whose owners are Bernardo and Iride Vergnani, is glad to invite any lovers of quiet, rest and sport. The 18 comfortable rooms are all provided o ...altre info
    Albergo Casone di Profecchia
    Il Casone di Profecchia is a very pleasant summer and winter tourist resort. "Il Casone puts at the disposal of skiers ski-lifts systems, a school field, a summ ...altre info
    Freo Pietrapana
    Open from the 15th of June to the 15th of September, or on reservation. ...altre info
    ...altre info
    Albergo Lunardi
    Winter and summer tourist spot. Hotel, restaurant, self-service, bar. 6 km of skiing tracks ratified by the FISI. 5 - 10 - 15 km cross-country ski slopes. Touri ...altre info
    Open in summer from June to September. ...altre info
    Segheria dell'Abetina Reale
    ...altre info
    ...altre info
    Had opened since April 15 to October 15.In other period of the year, only the weekend. For other info to visit the site. ...altre info
    ...altre info
    Rossi Enrico
    ...altre info
    Alpe di S. Antonio
    The refuge is 50 m dall'Agriturismo The Birch. It comes from Lucca following the road of the valley SP Ludovica until Gallicano then the road rises to the count ...altre info
    Capanna Garnerone
    ...altre info

    Travel agencies tours
    Fidelity Tours Viaggi
    Fidelity Tours, the lively and dynamic travel agency of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, is able to satisfy the needs of the tourist with personalized services, or ra ...altre info

    Figurina di Gesso - Immigrazione
    The museum is located in the Vanni palace and has more than 1000 chalk products. The museum is housed in the palace Vanni and welcomes more than 1000 pieces of ...altre info
    Etnografico di San Pellegrino
    The “Don Luigi Pellegrini” ethnografic museum" San Pellegrino in Alpe - Via del Voltone, 14 - Open from October 1 to May 31: 9.00 to 12:00 am / 2:00 to 5: ...altre info
    Museo della Civiltà Ligure
    The remains of Ligurian tombs had been studied by local historians since the XVII century; however, archeological research on the Apuan Ligurians began at the ...altre info
    Museo del Castagno
    Located in an old building, prove the importance of the chestnut for the Garfagnana. In the past it was very important as the main (but often as the only) food ...altre info

    Tasting typical products
    Agriturismo Il Cerreto
    The farm Il Cerreto is managed directly by the owners, who, with love for their land and nature in general, lead to more, the family farm. Beautiful location, ...altre info

    Ostello Lo Scoiattolo Lucca
    (THE NEW FACILITY OPENS TO MAY 2008) 6 km from Lucca, 15 km from 'airport of Pisa, 15 places in double or triple, bar, restaurant service, laundry, internet poi ...altre info
    Santuario Colle Argegna
    The hostel Colle Argegna complex is located in the Sanctuary dell'Argegna. Over the hostel offers camping, residence, restaurant and bed and breakfast. Total 11 ...altre info

    Events festivities
    Sagre gastronomiche - Calendario
    In Garfagnana, ogni anno, sono molte le sagre gastronomiche ed eventiorganizzati dai vari enti, associazioni e grup ...altre info

    Camping La Piella
    ...altre info

    Natural parks
    Parco Orecchiella
    State Nature Reserves Lamarossa, Orecchiella and Pania of Corfino, with the state forest Regional High Serchio formed the Natural Park dell'Orecchiella. In re ...altre info
    Parco Alpi Apuane
    The regional natural Park of the Alps Apuane has been instituted in 1985 and has legal situs in the Common one of Stazzema, but it has also offices to Castelnuo ...altre info

    Bed and breakfast
    B&B Il Podere di Giada
    ...altre info
    B&B Il Cerro - affitta camere
    In the green heart of Garfagnana, between the Apuan Alps and the Apennine, although being near the town of Piazza al Serchio, the vital centre of the Upper Garf ...altre info
    Ceragetta Resort B&B
    Un resort panoramico con un antico borgo di caratteristiche case ristrutturate per ospitare confortevolemente proprio sopra il Lago di Isola Santa. Si ...altre info
    B&B Good Evening
    ...altre info

    Holiday Apartments - Villas
    Villa vacanze La Piastra
    The Holiday Villa La Piastra is situated only 2 km from Castelnuovo Garfagnana, in the wonderful and green valley of the river Serchio, province of Lucca, in th ...altre info
    Casa Vacanze Good Evening
    ...altre info
    Case vacanze La Ceragetta - Borgo delle Panie
    An ancient village features houses, renovated to accommodate for eekend or holiday in Garfagnana, more specifically in the town of Careggine, a stone's thr ...altre info
    Casa vacanze La Torretta
    The holiday home - self catering - Trassilico medieval village in the Garfagnana. And panoramic views over the Serchio Valley and Pania, suggestive peak of the ...altre info
    Case vacanze Hermitage Holidays
    Hermitage Holidays is a beautiful house with three apartments in Gallicano. It is a complex recently opened which is characterized by the style of the furnishin ...altre info
    Casa vacanze Rocchi
    Casa Rocchi is in Corfino, cute and quaint village and known health resort in Garfagnana, to be precise, in the municipality of Villa Collemandina. The str ...altre info
    Casa vacanze Il Casale degli Ulivi
    The farmhouse of "Casale Degli Ulivi" is a beautiful country house renovated to accommodate holiday in contact with nature, away from noise and smog. In the woo ...altre info

    Piazza al Serchio
    Gravitational centre of all the upper valley, Piazza al Serchio rises at the confluence of the two springs that give origin to the river. The origins of this lo ...altre info
    This medievil settlement shows traces of masonry that dates back to Roman times. The XV century fortress stands at the centre of the town and preserves almost i ...altre info
    After leaving Castelnuovo, driving along the SS 445, we come to a detour for Careggine. This popular summer holiday spot is located in a wonderful panoramic pos ...altre info
    Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
    The fortress that stands in the central piazza of the town is built in the typical medievil manner with turrets at the cornesrs and a square tower at the centre ...altre info
    Castiglione Garfagnana
    Castiglione di Garfagnana is a stupendos impressing group of fortified buildings whose walls and towers and still intact. At the summit rises the imposing and w ...altre info
    Coreglia Antelminelli
    Once passed Ghivizzano, which preserves part of the walls of the fortress and a square tower of about the XIV century, a detour to the charming small village of ...altre info
    Fabbriche di Vallico
    The municipality of Fabbriche di Vallico, neighbouring that of Pescaglia, is surrounded by cippices and chestnut forests in the vicinity of a large artificial l ...altre info
    On the way to Castelnuovo, a stopover in the nearby XV century town of Fosciandora is a must. The outlying wards that make up the municipality are all situated ...altre info
    Located on the banks of the Turrite stream, this municipality has been actively involved in handicrafts and industry and has always used the resources of the su ...altre info
    Driving along the SS445 we arrive at the highest and least inhabited municipality of all Garfagnana: Giuncugnano. It is a wonderful place, surrounded by the Apu ...altre info
    On the road to Minucciano we pass through the towns of Gorfigliano, dominated over by Monte Pisanino, and Gramolazzo, important centre of the marble industry, w ...altre info
    Leaving behind the road that skirt the Serchio and heading towards the valleys of the Freddana and Pedogna Rivers we work our way into the territory of the muni ...altre info
    Pieve Fosciana
    If we leave Castelnuovo behind and continue to drive along the left bank of the Serchio, towards the Appennines, we arrive in the municipality of Pieve Fosciana ...altre info
    San Romano
    The fortezza delle Verrucole, situated at an altitude of 655 metres above sea level, is perhaps the most significant monument, for its interesting historical ba ...altre info
    The territory of the municipality of Seravezza, which stretches out from the Versiliese side of the Apuan Alps to the plain, includes many villages and small wa ...altre info
    This is the most northen municipality of the region. It is situated in one of the most fascinating areas for its natural beauties (one of the entrances to the O ...altre info
    The necropolis dating back to the III and II century BC testifies that the area was already inhabited by the Apuan Ligurians. The ward of Terrinca, overlooki ...altre info
    Continuing our journey along the SS 445 we drive through one of the most fascinating landscapes of the Parco delle Apuane. The road travells along the banks of ...altre info
    Vergemolilies in an special part of Garfagnana. It is surrounded by the Pania mountains and Mount Forato, and the wealth of grottoes that are to be found in its ...altre info
    Villa Basilica
    The origins of Villa Basilica go far back into history. Before it passed under the domain of Lucca it belonged, for many year, to small feudatories. Villa Basil ...altre info
    Villa Collemandina
    The village of Villa Colemandina was completely destroyed in 1920 during the terrible earthquake that devastated Garfagnana. Villa Collemandina was in fact the ...altre info
    Bagni di Lucca
    After having crossed the River Serchio we arrive at Bagni di Lucca, an ancient thermal spring resort already famous in historical documents in the year 1284. ...altre info
    The municipality of Molazzana, located in a territory rich in mineral resources, has a very old history. Its name appeared in historical documents for the first ...altre info
    Borgo a Mozzano
    In historical documents the Rocca di Mozzano is mentioned for the first time in 1180. Certainly the most famous construction of this village is the Ponte della ...altre info
    The Duomo of Barga, this imposing church, rises above the historical centre. Built in successive sta-ges, the exterior part of the building main-tains intact t ...altre info

    Garfagnana shopping
    articoli prima infanzia
    ...altre info
    dormire sano materassi
    DormiRè is specialised centre of sleep healthy, able to bring the entire range of articles on the market of best brands for each type of mattress and net ...altre info
    tendaggi tappezzerie
    We are a small business to tailor existing craft since 1930, from about twenty years specializing in the sector. Tenendoci updated to realize the wishes increas ...altre info
    macellerie - carni di qualità
    Inoltre le carni preparate sapientemente e con cura, pronte per la cottura. Tra le quali involtini al prosciutto crudo, favolosi spiedini, cotolette alla mi ...altre info
    arredamenti - mobili - centro cucine
    The company "Grossi Giorgio Mobili" is in the furniture industry since 1947. Today, Giorgio Grossi and his daughters combine experience, professional competence ...altre info

    Rent camper
    Dinelli Servizi
    Rent campers. Vast park campers rental and for sale. New and used to best market conditions. Service storage, workshop, bodywork, changes, revisions in place. A ...altre info

    Pizzeria La Nuova Pergola - Barga
    You are welcome in the new local pizzeria, Pergola The new complex, recently refurbished. Cinzia, manager and chef of the restaurant, there also expects to offe ...altre info
    Pizzeria Il Grotto - Villetta
    THE GROTTO, "pizzeria" located in the Villetta district, in the Country of San Romano, stands in a wonderful sunny site 500 metres above sea level.Thi ...altre info
    Pizzeria Good Evening - Vagli
    Restaurant - Pizzeria in the historic center of Vagli Sotto. Family atmosphere, it has broad and welcoming room piacevoleo internal and external space with cove ...altre info

    Nature reserves
    Orto Botanico Pania di Corfino
    Environment and landscape The high Garfagnana is a secluded mountain and the Province of Lucca, which has succeeded over time to maintain almost unchanged its o ...altre info
    Orrido di Botri
    General information Orrido of Botri is fierce and imposing limestone gorge, with steep walls dug deep cold waters of the river Rio Pelago, the canyon is part of ...altre info

    Outdoor markets
    Like by now tradition, to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, an increasing number of storees carries out the opening in occasion of the first Sunday of the month. I ...altre info
    Barga Mercatino Arte e Mestieri
    ...altre info

    Grotta del Vento
    About 200 million years ago, enormous quantities of shells, coral formations, fish skeletons, sand, slime and calcium carbonate, chemically precipitated through ...altre info

    Regina Italia Nel Mondo
    Serata di Gala 2010
    La Serata di Gala durante la quale si designa la vincitrice del Premio Regina Italia delle Associazioni degli Italiani nel Mondo quest'anno è tornata nel ...altre info
    Programma 2010
    1' Festa della Montagna Toscana - Emiliana e dell' Emigrazione 2010 - 7° Premio Regina Delle Associazioni Italiane Nel Mondo" in Garfagnana. PROGRAMMA 201 ...altre info
    Regolamento 2011
    REGOLAMENTO Premio "REGINA ITALIA NEL MONDO" in Garfagnana. Ediz. 2013. Selezione candidate a cura delle Associazioni Italiane Nel Mondo. CONDIZIONI GENERAL ...altre info

    Tradition of May
    Maggio, Teatro Popolare
    In singing of May, still widespread in area of the Tuscan-Emiliano, in Garfagnana and in other areas of Tuscany, is a traditional cultural importance and of gre ...altre info

    Giovanni Pascoli house
    Casa Giovanni Pascoli
    The home of Castelvecchio "is enclosed by walls and fronds, protected items that are not those of birds and water. Look, at the bottom of the avenue, the crenel ...altre info

    Mountain - Cultural Routes
    Via Vandelli
    San Pellegrino in Alpe-Castiglione-Pieve Fosciana-Castelnuovo-Poggio-Vagli. The stretch of garfagnino eighteenth Via Vandelli, wanted by the Duke of Modena to c ...altre info
    Via del Sale
    Torrite-Island-Santa-Careggine-Camporgiano-Campocatino. The itinerary starts in Torrite, a small town on the outskirts of Castelnuovo, on the provincial road Vi ...altre info
    Via della Transumanza
    Castiglione-Sassorosso-Campaiana-Corfino-Villa-Castiglione. The road takes its name from the phenomenon, which for centuries was handed down on pastures Apennin ...altre info
    Via del Ferro
    Gallicano-Fornovolasco-Vergemoli-Molazzana-Monteperpoli-Gallicano is a part mechanized, part pedestrian, which spread mainly along the bottom of the river valle ...altre info
    Via delle Tre Terre
    Pieve Fosciana-Sillico-Ceserana-Lupinaia-Treppignana is also a pedestrian route that connects a series of smaller places on the slopes of hills left bank of Ser ...altre info
    Itinerario Via Del Monte Forato
    Seravezza - Ruosina - Cardoso - Volegno - Pruno. Our point of reference for the departure soon after Seravezza capital, is Ruosina, where we can find a parking ...altre info
    Itinerario Strada di Michelangelo
    Seravezza that in those days knew the splendour that we can appreciate even tutt 'today. The route starts at Palazzo Mediceo which will form the point of refere ...altre info
    Itinerario Via D'Arni e Dei Marmi
    Seravezza - Ruosina - Retignano - Levigliani - Terrinca - Arni. The route is marked by a landscape that the rise of the Way of Arni gets more and more natural, ...altre info
    Itinerario Controneria
    Borgo a Mozzano - Ponte a Seraglio - Pieve di Monti di Villa - S. Montefegatesi Anna - (Parish Controne) - San Cassiano - Palleggio. Referring to Bagni di ...altre info
    Via del Volto Santo
    Pieve San Lorenzo-Piazza al Serchio-Castelnuovo-Gallicano. The route is identified as the Way of the Holy Face because it constitutes the main variant of the tr ...altre info
    Itinerario Val di Lima
    Brandeglio - Casabasciana- Crasciana- Cocciglia - Casoli - Limano - Vico Pancellorum - Lucchio. Starting from Bagni di Lucca and continuing into the state Brenn ...altre info
    Via delle Statuine di Gesso
    Calavomo - Vitiana - Tereglio - Lucignana - Gromignana - Coreglia Antelminelli- Plan di Coreglia. Coming from the valley and always follow the Highway n.445 Gar ...altre info
    Itineraio Via Medicea
    Fornaci di Barga -Loppia - Barga - Tiglio-Sommocolonia - Castelvecchio Pascoli. Also coming from Lucca along the State n.12 Brenner will continue in connection ...altre info
    Via dei Romitori
    ...altre info
    Via del Castagno
    Lucca - S.Martino in Freddana - Loppeglia-Fiano - Convalle - Pescaglia-Gragliana - Plan Coreglia - Convalle - Piegai or High - (Celle - Puccini) - (Vetriano - C ...altre info
    Via Francigena di Crinale
    Seravezza-Ruosina-Pontestazzemese-Mulina-Stazzema-Pomezzana-Farnocchia. Also starting from Seravezza and reaching Ruosina along Provincial Marine, turn right to ...altre info
    Via della Contessa Matilde
    Verrucole - Sillano - Orecchiella - Verrucole is a road network that, by tracing the ancient Roman roads and medieval history, links San Romano to ano Prada ...altre info
    Via del Trebbio
    Bagni di Lucca - Benabbio-  Boveglio - Villa Basilica - Collotli. From the highway n.12 Brenner towards Abetone, exceeded the village of Bagni di Lucca, on ...altre info

    Falegnameria - maestro ebanista
    Fabio, started working very young, as an apprentice carpenter. After 8 years in 1985, he decided to get in just by opening a small laboratory and quickly conque ...altre info
    Monica Hair Professional Unisex
    Monica Hair Professional, trucco, acconciature sposa - sposo in Garfagnana Lucca. Monica Consolati dopo aver conseguito l'abilitazione con ...altre info
    Cornici - quadri - specchiere
    The Vendimadonne Company created from Serafini Natale, is born in september 1962. In that period our Company realized “the Madonne” in chalk, with i ...altre info

    Beata Vergine del Soccorso
    In Minucciano there is the Shrine of Our Lady of Rescue erected in 1500 (this year is celebrated the fifth centenary of the Foundation). This Shrine is inserted ...altre info
    Nostra Signora della Guardia
    In the small reserve of the park dell'Argegna, pigramente can take advantage of the great lawn in front of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Guard, to enjoy spectac ...altre info
    Maria Santissima della Stella
    A church dedicated to Our Lady, around Migliano, already existed in the twelfth century. The oratory, called "Ecclesia de S. Mariae Miliano," is in fa ...altre info
    San Pellegrino in Alpe
    San Pellegrino in Alpe is sull'Appennino Tosco-Emiliano at an altitude of 1525 meters above sea level between the province of Lucca and that of Modena and its p ...altre info
    Eremo dei Calomini
    The hermitage Calomini is located along the road leading to the country of Vergemoli, above the village of Gallicano. Dell'eremo The church was built rasente th ...altre info

    Impianti GPL auto - metano
    ...altre info
    Meccanico auto - Elettaruto
    Centro servizi elettrauto, meccanico, carrozzeria a Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.Un punto di riferimento per la clientela di Garfagnana e Media Vall ...altre info
    Toelettatura cani - prodotti igiene, mangimi.
      Digita il testo o l'indirizzo di un sito web oppure traduci un documento. Annulla Ascolta Animali Amici in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana is a spe ...altre info
    Internet point, wireless access
    Internet access and services. Rental of work stations, personal computers, flash memory reader card multistandard, use of pen drive, masterizatore CD-DVD, print ...altre info
    Sicurezza antincendio C.S.G.A
    "C.S.G.A" company is important, central air conditioning and fire safety for the Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley.Please request quotes, without obligation, ...altre info
    Impresa edile Mannelli Leonardo
    We report welcomes users to Garfagnana Turistica, the construction company Leornardo Marinelli, operating for many years in Garfagnana and throughout the provin ...altre info
    Informatica Castelnuovo - Web agency - Siti Web
    Assistenza informatica, riveditore di zona  AVG Software di Sicurezza, antivirus, antimalware,  protezione dei dati,  acquisti on ...altre info
    Usato in conto vendita
    ...altre info

    Taverns oenotheques
    Osteria Garfagnana
    ...altre info

    Trekking routes

    BEFORE STARTING ... PREPARATIONS PHYSICALLY if you are not accustomed to natural or if you're out of shape, trained! EQUIPAGGIATI PROPERLY choose good equipment ...altre info
    Airone 1 - Lunghezza 15 Km.
    ...altre info
    Airone 2 - Lunghezza Km. 8
    ...altre info
    Airone 3 - Lunghezza Km.30
    Heron 3 is a route from 2 days with overnight stay in the shelter or refuge La Foce CAI C. Baptists. Depart from the square in front of the Visitor Center Park ...altre info

    Farm holiday with restaurant
    Agriturismo Venturo
    L' azienda agrituristica ristorante Venturo è a conduzione familiare e gli ospiti non mancheranno di apprezzare la nostra genuinità in tutte le su ...altre info
    Mulin del Rancone
    The farm Mulin, Rancone is an ancient mill on the banks of the river Serchio, that here, is still, just over a stream. The structure has preserved all its charm ...altre info
    La Torre
    The Tower (La Torre) is a 'typical Tuscan farmhouse which covers 24 hectares in the countryside around Bagni di Lucca, beautiful and famous spa town. A ...altre info
    Agriturismo Il Cerreto - Degustazioni
    Il Cerreto is a beautiful farmhouse that hosts all year round at night, per week "and longer periods with a significant discount. The accommodation is in a p ...altre info
    La Vecchia Fattoria Da Marica
    Farmhouse with Km.0 restaurant for guests only. "La Vecchia Fattoria da Marica" ​​is a farm with an equestrian center founded in 2010. It is just a ...altre info

    Crafts Hobbies Tradition
    Mario Pieroni - Apicoltore - Miele
    Mario Pieroni è un profondo conoscitore ed esperto dell'incredibie mondo delle api. Mario vive, ha i suoi alveari e produce ottimo miele in localit&a ...altre info
    Primetta Suffredini - Bigiotteria in resina
    "Realizzo creazioni con pasta termoindurente (fimo o cernit) per passione. La mia professione è l’insegnante di scuola primaria, nei ...altre info
    Bruno Pieroni - Ceste, contenitori in vimini
    A Piano di Riana in Garfagnana, Bruno intreccia il vimini e fa ceste e cestini di varie dimensioni. Tra i pochi artigiani in provincia di Lucca a mant ...altre info
    Franca Pioli - Scultura
    Mi presento: mi chiamo Franca Pioli, sono nata a Barga il 24/04/1949. Dopo la scuola media inferiore ho fatto tre anni di apprendistato per diventare parruc ...altre info
    Alfredo Longo - Arte dell' intreccio del vimini
    Alfredo Longo, intrecciatore di vimini, nato Latina nel 1940. Dal 1964 abita con la moglie Clara in Garfagnana. Il suo hobby è sempre stato quello de ...altre info
    Carla Orazzini - Oggettistica - cornici
    Orazzini Carla è Garfagnina e risiede in Via Carbonaia 11 a Castelnuovo Garfagnana. Lavora da anni nell’azienda del marito a Pieve Fosciana, ...altre info
    Giovanna Unti - Ricamo - Punto croce
    Punto croce per corredini da bambini e per la casa in genere. Giovanna Unti è un' artigiana che esprime così la sua sua creatività e stil ...altre info
    Bruna - Manufatti patch work and quilting
    Bruna nata a Londra nel 1953 da genitori garfagnini. Ha conseguito tutti gli studi in Inghilterra. Ha lavorato con i genitori nel ristorante di famiglia, &e ...altre info
    Ferdinando Santini - Ferro battuto - oggettistica
    Ferdinando Santini, manages a restaurant with his wife in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. For nearly 40 years, a hobby, sculpts and creates objects for decoration ...altre info
    Volha Bortsik - Moda in Italia
    Antichi mestieri in Garfagnana, Lucca, Toscana, Italia.     La lavorazione a maglia è arte antichissima e, contrar ...altre info
    Annamaria Fiori - Tessitura manuale su telaio
    Il vecchio telaio prende vita nelle mani esperte di Annamaria, una artigiana favolosa, grande donna ed una persona straordinaria, madre di tre figli, creando ...altre info
    Loredana Vangioni - Fiori all'uncinetto
    Loredana Vangioni è nata nel 1958 a Barga. Crea bellissime composizioni floreali all'uncinetto con passione, diligenza e gusto da quasi 20 anni.  ...altre info

    Arts and culture
    Gisella Valdrighi, Franco Micheloni
    Siamo una coppia di sposi, Gisella e Franco. Franco è nato e viveva a Lucca, io invece sono nata in Francia da genitori italiani e sempre vissuta a Caste ...altre info
    Carla Orazzini
    Orazzini Carla è nata nel 1952 e risiede da sempre in Garfagnana. Lavora nell’azienda del marito a Pieve Fosciana, occupandosi della gestione a ...altre info
    Rossella Piegaia
    ...altre info
    Roberta Rossi
    Biography. Born in 1954 in Castelnuovo Garfagnana (Lucca), at the age of nine years she moved to Milan where she lives and works today.Since young manifested ...altre info
    Giambattista Lucchesi
    Giambattista Lucchesi - fotoamatore … per gli amici “il Giamba”Giambattista è nato il 13 marzo 1947 a Pieve Fosciana, dove, da tenace ...altre info
    Marcella Bertoli Barsotti
    Marcella Bertoli Barsotti nasce a Barga il 30 giugno 1975, risiede nel comune di Fabbriche di Vallico nel piccolo paese di Vallico Sopra fino ad marzo 2010, p ...altre info
    Margherita Cagnoni
    Margherita Cagnoni è nata a Yellowknife Canada. Ha frequentato l'istituto d'arte a Cascina (Pisa). Esperienze in vari settori come quello di grafica ...altre info
    Piero Gaddi
    ...altre info
    Gioia Aloisi
    Founder of Edu-art center for research on art and creativity in Milan.Painter, photographer, writer, performer and video expert in computer art, Gioia Aloisi ha ...altre info
    Pier Luigi Masotti
    Pier Luigi Masotti.Nato il 22.06.1957 a Piazza al Serchio, in alta Gafagnana. Pier luigi dice riguardo il suo percorso e la Garfagnana.. "si puo' cam ...altre info
    Bruno Giordano Cordati
    Bruno Cordati was born in Barga, (in Piazza Angelio No 17) on February 9th, 1890. His father, Luigi, was a mason, his mother, Adele, a housewife. The modest eco ...altre info
    Sergio Fini
    “Sono nuovo!” Adesso, vivo i miei sogni: tengo incontri di “PITTURA EMOZIONALE”, (abbino pittura, meditazione, ricerca sul IO profondo ...altre info
    Olga Volha Bortsik
    La pittrice Volha Bortsik è nata in Bielorussia. Laureata in ingegneria edile all' Università Politecnica di Minsk. Dopo gli studi univers ...altre info
    Sonia Borghesi
    "Sonia Borghesi", talented and beautiful singer, performer and entertainer. To make happy Borghesi Sonia and her husband Stephen Domenichini, accordion p ...altre info
    Renzo Casali
    Renzo Casali. Scrittore, uomo di teatro, regista e attore è nato a Barga, trasferitosi in Argentina subito dopo la guerra, ha studiato teatro a Praga, ne ...altre info
    Rinaldo Mazzanti
    Rinaldo Mazzanti è nato 10 aprile 1956 a Gallicano. Pittore, disegnatore, sbalzo su rame. Rinaldo vive a Gallicano ed è membro del Circolo Cul ...altre info
    Severiano Paoli
    Severiano Paoli graduated in double bass at the Istituto Musicale L. Boccherini (Lucca) with M.Gabriele Ragghianti. He has then perfectioned himself at the Prin ...altre info
    Pierluigi Vangi
    Pierluigi Vangi, born in Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Lucca and resident there. He attended the scientific high school in Castelnuovo and graduated in medicine and s ...altre info
    Angelo Roberto Fiori
    Angelo Roberto Fiori - Painter Castelnuovio di Garfagnana - Lucca (1952 - 2013) Teacher of Art Education, graduated from the "A. Passaglia "of Lucca in 1971 a ...altre info
    Giorgio Capitani
    Capitani Giorgio (Castelnuovo di Garfagnana: 10 ottobre 1921 - 2 marzo 2009) . Giorgio ha iniziato a pitturare negli anni 1948-49 usando solo la tempera per ...altre info

    Carnevale di Castelnuovo
    Creazioni - sartoria
    ...altre info
    Meschini e meschinate
    ...altre info
    Costumi - personaggi
    ...altre info
    Trucco e preparativi
    ...altre info
    Carri allegorici - varie edizioni
    ...altre info
    Coreografie varie
    ...altre info

    In Gelateria
    Nel centro storico di Castelnuovo Garfagnana, “In…Gelateria” si dintingue per la produzione artigianale del gelato in proprio. ...altre info

    Good Evening
    The Good Evening trattoria is located in the historic center of Vagli Sotto. It is a characteristic environment, masterfully managed by the same family who ...altre info

    Weddings in Garfagnana
    Garfagnana Sposi
    Se decidi per il tuo matrimonio in Garfagnana, quale miglior aiuto di "Sposi In Rocca", l'Evento - Mostra che si tiene ogni a ...altre info

    Car rental
    Autonoleggio Garfagnana di Biagioni Elena
    Garfagnana Rental Car company is located near the center of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, easily reachable by train or bus station public.Practically the Garfagnan ...altre info

    Taxi Garfagnana di Guidi Guido Soc. Coop.
    Tel. 0583 62312 Taxi - Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. The prices for taxi service throughout the Garfagnana, Media Valle, Barga, Bagni di Lucca etc. Taxi service ...altre info

    Garfagnana motorcycle
    Country Hotel Il Lago
    Hotel Ristorante Il Lago, the bikers are particularly welcome, whether they are: motorcyclists, cyclists and mountainbikers. Reserve only overnight stay with br ...altre info

    Mete naturalistiche
    Fortezza Verrucole
    ...altre info

    Ready to take food
    Rosticceria Il Desco Garfagnino
    In Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, take away food km.0. Cooking recipes and typical dishes of the Garfagnana in the activity area Piano Pieve, with ample parking. ...altre info

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